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All the young people who took part in the Picture of Bradford project had already done work with Heads Together as part of the Self Image Project. The aim is to improve confidence and self esteem and photography has always played a big part in that work.

The initial work is done over four days, using the National Museum of Photography, Film and Television as a base. That gives us access to all the galleries, teaching space and dark rooms. But it's more than that. Everyone in Bradford knows the Museum. It has a national and international profile. There is a real sense of pride for the students just to be working at such a prestigious venue.

By the end of the four days, each student will develop and print a black and white photograph of themselves. Not just any photograph; they must choose exactly where in Bradford to take the photograph, plan what to wear and who else might be in the photograph. They learn to use complicated manual slr cameras and tripods and all the skills necessary to work in a darkroom. They must choose which negatives to print and how to use photography to convey something about themselves; their identity. They have to work on their own and in teams. They might be taking photographs in a busy shopping street, on the top deck of a bus or at the highest point of an isolated moor. And at the end of the project they have to review their work and make the decision who they will show their photograph to.

Imran - energetic as always

  Many people are nervous of showing their own image to other people and so the students are always given the safeguard at the beginning of the project that the photographs remains their property. If they don't like the final photo - then they can rip it up. In ten years of running the project, only one student has decided to destroy their photograph (and he made the right decision...). You only have to look at the quality of the photographs - here or on the Self Image website - to see why.

Louise - just chillin'