"A Picture of Bradford" is a joint project between Shipley College and Heads Together Productions working at the National Museum of Photography, Film and Television.

Young people from the "Transition To Work" Course at the College have done the hard work, taking over 1600 photographs in an attempt to create the perfect picture of Bradford. You can see 150 of them on this website. But we want you to do more than just look at them. What we found was that no one photograph could possibly sum up a city the size of Bradford; but choosing four photographs and displaying them together starts to give an impression of the immense diversity and detail that is Bradford.

  We want you to choose four photographs - and then tell us which four. We will display a selection of people's choices along with the four most chosen photographs. There is plenty of background information about the project on this site. Please have a look, but first and foremost - go look at the photographs and make your own Picture of Bradford ...