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"A picture of Bradford" was an intensive project undertaken over 3 weeks in the summer of 1999. It involved 12 students working for 6 full days at the National Museum of Photography, Film and Television. The project was co-ordinated by Adrian Sinclair and Lizzie Coombes from Heads Together Productions working alongside teaching and support staff from Shipley College. Apart from visiting the Museum and using the educational facilities on offer, the project drew inspiration from the Museum's own on-line educational resource, auslander foreigners . Auslander foreigners is an on-line project which was inspired by the owrk of photographer Martin Parr, who's exhibition "Ooh La La!" was shown at the Museum in 1988.

The students are on the Transition To Work Course at Shipley College. They have a range of emotional and behavioural problems, physical and learning disabilities. Many of them have not had good experiences in school. The Transition Course is designed as a one year bridging course that brings together a range of elements in order to enable each young person to determine their own pathway into employment or further education. The Self Image Project is a central part of the Transition To Work Course; specifically aiming to improve the students' confidence and self-esteem.

Previously on the Self Image Project

Before taking part in the "Picture of Bradford" project, the students had already done some basic photography as part of the initial self image work. A picture of Bradford was conceived as a development of the self image work. The students would work as a team to define their own city by using photography and help design how the results of their work could be displayed on the Internet.

For a detailed description of the project day by day go to Project Timetable