The initial work takes place as part of a four week induction period for all students aiming to give the students a taster of the work that they will be doing and at the same time assess each young person on an individual basis.

Working in groups of 10 - 12, the students will be introduced to the different elements of the self-image work including full-group movement-based work; individual and small team performance exercises and interpretation and communication skills at a venue outside Shipley College eg Cartwright Hall Art Gallery.

A combination of self-assessment and observation will aim to assess the abilities and needs of each student with particular reference to the following criteria:

The initial assessment period will provide an opportunity to define a benchmark for each student in order to measure individual progress during the Course.

This period is also an opportunity to test out various sub-groupings of students from the whole Course group (assessment by staff and students)

All individual assessments are written up and agreed with student at a follow-up tutorial session and presented as part of full Course staff meeting at the end of the induction/assessment process. This meeting will cross reference all information and assessments (for soft and hard skills) about each student and begin to identify preferred learning styles and set targets for individual development. This will all be agreed with students at subsequent tutorial sessions.

Other elements of the Self Image Project:

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