Core self-image work

The work continues in groups of 10 - 12 over the following months. When a group is taking part in the Self-Image Project they will work intensively - full days - 2,3 or 4 days a week. Much of the work will take place outside of the College; in arts centres, museum or gallery working spaces. This effectively moves the work out of the class-room to an intermediate "work-placement" situation; engenders pride and responsibility as the students are working in prestigious public buildings and helps to develop confidence and experience with respect to such issues as independent travel, health and safety and communication with officials.

The work will be adapted to develop the issues picked up from the initial assessment and varies depending on the make-up of the groups. The main activities consist of dance, performance and photography work - throughout the activities, individual identity is the key starting point.

For example all students work on a four day photography project during which they will each develop and print a black and white photography of themselves. Not just any photograph; they must choose exactly where in Bradford to take the photograph, plan what to wear, who else might be in the photograph and what they might be doing. They decide which of the negatives to use and once they print the photograph it is their decision what to do with it and who might see it The project combines individual and team work; planning, decision-making, learning technical skills as well as providing an opportunity for some intensely personal and revealing work (if the student so decides).

Other elements of the Self Image Project:

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Examples of core self-image work

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