Public creative work

Towards the end of the Transition To Work Course the students are given the opportunity of taking part in a major project, often leading to a public exhibition or performance. This project is seen as a work placement and the students will be working alongside a team of arts professionals. They will be expected to work hard and take instruction from a range of people. They will often work long days and even weekends and the project often includes participants from other projects or courses. They will all be expected to contribute to the creative aspects of the project but may take on different roles within the team.

The process is hard but structured requiring total commitment, but the results are often remarkable. In 1993 students created street theatre and performed in both England and Ireland. Keith Reeves, Project Co-ordinator at Shipley College commented at the time:

"Achievement is the key word on the Transition To Work Course. What the students did on the 'No Promises' project was to achieve on a massive scale - anyone who saw the performances in Bradford or Galway will tell you that."--Report on "No Promises" project funded by the European Social Fund's HORIZON Programme
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Examples of public creative work

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