Creativity with Purpose

headslogo.gif Heads Together aims to engage people through the arts and bring creativity to the centre of their lives so that it becomes as much a part of them as the air they breathe!

The Company was founded in 1986 and manages a diverse workload using a range of arts and media. Currently its three main areas of activity are as follows:

The work of Heads Together crosses many boundaries - from education to community development, from play to urban regeneration, from film-making to public art. The Company seeks to achieve effective cross-sector collaboration by making creativity the central theme.

Heads Together has seen a great interest in its work in recent years from communities, institutions and policy makers. The Company is currently working directly with the DfEE Policy Managers for training disaffected young people to develop creative ways for young people themselves to influence national policy. At the same time the work in the Methleys has led to a change in government policy and is the subject of enormous media interest.

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