The Self-Image Project was initially designed as part of the Transition To Work Course although it is increasingly being used on other Courses. But what's it like? What do the young people actually do?

There are three main elements of the Self Image Project:


All students on the Transition To Work Course undergo an extensive induction process over an initial four week period. Apart from all the practical information and introductions, the students do a range of creative activities; dance and theatre workshops, introductory gardening, cookery and craft sessions, trips to art galleries, hill walks and an overnight stay in a youth hostel. It's fun and challenging and a great way for staff and students to get to know a lot about each other.

Core self-image work

Through the following months students work in groups focusing on a range of educational activities in a set time-table - maths, English, IT . But each term the timetable will be put to one side and the students will find themselves instructed to bring "bendy clothes " for a week because they will start every day with a dance class and then work the afternoons creating physical theatre. Or they will find themselves climbing to the top of Ilkley Moor with a 35mm camera or wandering through Undercliffe Cemetery wearing a suit or setting up a tripod in another students' bedroom! Why? Because each student will print up a black and white photo of themselves in which they try to communicate something about the kind of person they are.

Examples of core self-image work.

Public creative work

Towards the end of their time on Transition To Work, all students are offered the chance to take part in a major project, working alongside a team of artists in a professional situation. Over recent years students have found themselves performing on the banks of the Leeds-Liverpool canal to an audience of over 400 people, travelling to Galway in Ireland to run workshops and do street theatre, preparing an exhibition for the National Museum of Photography, Film and Television or even working in a deserted mill at 4 o' clock in the morning to shoot the final scenes of a video.

Examples of public creative work.

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